How to Handle Tax Liens!

Michelle Divan, EA
Michelle Divan, EA

Hi – Michelle Divan here.  I represent taxpayers in Denver, CO – and nationwide – who cannot pay their taxes or have back tax debt.  Each month I grab a topic that is germane to taxpayers that have debt or issues with the IRS.  Last month I focused on non-filing taxpayers, and you can see my historic bloc posts here.  This month I am focusing my attention and education on people who have tax liens and how to deal with them.

I am going to focus specifically on what to do if you want to sell or refinance your home and you have a tax lien.  Here in Denver, CO the real estate market is crazy – homes are selling within hours above the asking price…but, you have a tax lien on your house.  You know you could resolve some of the debt, or at least increase what you could pay the IRS, if only you could sell or refinance.  Just know that you are not stuck!

Depending on what you are trying to do, I can help you deal with that tax lien.  If you want to sell your home, I can work with the IRS to accept a payout on the debt – even if you have no equity in the home.  If you want to refinance, I can work with the IRS to allow you to take advantage of lower rates while addressing the debt you have with the IRS.

Do you want the IRS to withdraw the tax lien completely?  There are specific requirements you need to meet: your debt must be below a certain amount, you must be in a direct debit Installment Agreement (IA), and you must have made a certain number of payments toward this IA.  I can help you meet the requirements that are needed to do this, and then file the tax lien withdraw request with the IRS.

Are you or someone you know in this situation?  Contact me today and let’s get working on this.  I can be reached at 303-250-0122 or [email protected]